"Unhinged" producer James Portolese joins The Morning Show ahead of the nationwide release

Written by Kris Norton, Kris@KSDMradio.com

International Falls - With COVID-related restrictions loosening country-wide, Americans can look forward to the normality of silver-screen blockbusters. The first feature film set to make it's debut is Unhinged, starring Academy Award Winner Russell Crowe, Caren Pistorius, and Jimmi Simpson.

Unhinged producer James Portolese joined The Morning Show to discuss the movie and it's production. Portolese described the movie's premise.

James Portolese premise

Portolese spoke to working alongside top-billed actor Russell Crowe and how impressed he was with Crowe's audtion table read.

Russell Crowe 1

Russell Crowe 2

Though actor Jimmi Simpson has been known for taking on eccentric roles, Portolese shared that Simpson played it fairly straight in this film. Portolese alluded to one scene in particular that will resonate with the audience for a long time.

Jimmi Simpson

As with everything else, the coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench into the movie's production. Much of the production work, and even some dialogue, had to be conducted remotely.

Remote production

The full intereview with James Portolese is available here:

Unhinged full interview