Preventing the spread of invasive species in Northern Minnesota

Written by Kris Norton, Kris@KSDMradio.com

International Falls - To date, the focus of 2020 has been containing the spread of COVID-19. With summer approaching, the focus at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has turned to stemming the tide of invasive species populations. Last week, living zebra mussels were found at Farm Island Lake in Aitkin County, but, many more may be residing in Minnesota lakes and rivers.

The Minnesota DNR's Adam Doll joined The Morning Show with Kris and Will to share the best practices to prevent the transportation of zebra mussel larvae.

Adam Doll cleaning practices

Zebra Mussels are not the only invasive species currently marked as a threat to Minnesota's ecosystem. Doll detailed others to be on the look out for, as well as how you should proceed in the case of a sighting.

Adam Doll What to do

The full interview with Adam Doll is available here:

Adam Doll 6/18