Borderland COVID-19 Updates and Cancellations: March 23-27

International Falls- KGHS/KSDM Radio will provide up-to-the-minute briefings of all items related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Stay tuned to 95.3 and 104.1 FM as well as 1230 AM for live breaking news and interviews with community figures.

Wednesday 2:00pm: Governor Tim Walz orders a two-week stay-at-home order effective Friday (3/27) at 11:59pm.

Wednesday 6:30am: From KGHS/KSDM - As a safety precaution for our employees and to help stop the spread of COVID-19, we are not allowing non-essential vendors and visitors to our facilities. To make special arrangements, please call us with your needs at 218-283-3481.

Tuesday 11:55am: The County Board votes unanimously to close ramp access to Rainy River. Commissioner Brian McBride explained the decision process in an interview, available here.

Tuesday 9:30am: Rob Pastor from the Rainy Lake Medical Center provided tips and safety precautions with Duane Etienne. The full interview is available here.

Monday 12:00pm: The Rotary Club has announced that they will be postponing the Rotary Rose sale and distribuiton to a date to be named later.

Monday 11:55am: International Falls bank hours

Monday 7:30am: Superintendent Kevin Grover and the ISD 361 Board of Education released a statement relaying that ISD 361 received an employee test result on Sunday that showed the employee had tested negative for COVID-19 and is allowed to return to work immediately. The full release is listed here: