Sears Hometown in International Falls to close

The last couple of days I've been doing the story about Eddie Lampert purchasing through his hedge fund Corporation all of the remaining, not currently owned Sears Hometown stores, and they're going to become his vision of what Sears will be. The new Sears will be. Does this effects Sears Hometown here as well? 


So, you're basically saying the Sears Hometown here in International Falls will be closing its doors.


Now I've talked with you a bit Tony about this and I know you are the owner of that building do you have plans for the building?


Just quickly to give our listeners kind of a geographical understanding of how this affects us. To my understanding now, after all is said and done with things that are going on, the closest Sears store to International Falls will be Baxter or Superior Wisconsin. So that's quite a drive to get your Craftsman tool warranty taken care of but you know you have to do what you have to do I mean it could be beneficial to International Falls in the long run anyway. 

Tony Olson proprietor at Sears Hometown Store and again Sears Hometown will be closing its doors but they are starting liquidation sale tomorrow and I'll run through again July 19th

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