Mayor Bob Anderson on Airport Update

I had in studio with me Mayor Bob Anderson.

Now, we're going to talk about the phase 2 Terminal expansion which is near completion plus some of the other things that are going on out at the airport to include the runway upgrading that's going to be done out there


Yes, we have been reporting on the offices being moved on our community calendar so that we definitely know about that, and I just realized that the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday May 23rd 


One of the things that is coming up is the phase one of the runway taxiway reconstruction that will begin June 5th have they got that all figured out on how it's going to progree, what they're going to do with the planes having to come in and land? Kind of hard to have a Runway tore up and land a plane.


I don't want to put you on the spot I know a little bit about flying and the difficult part that I can see is when we start getting between that two-thirds area on up because then we're kind of getting into the middle of the runway then there has to be an alternative.


Now, I'll get into the technical side of what I knpow about flying and once we start Landing planes on what will be the taxiway in the future after it's been expanded now do they land because Runway 12/31 is an ILS approach runway will they have to move the ILS or can they just shift it with software.


Now on a sad note the passing the Francis Einarson. We know that the Falls International Airport and of course the name of the airport and the reason it is Einarson field is the Einarson family itself.


So many exciting things are going to be going on around here, I mean we're starting the runway phase but by next year we're going to have not only the main phase of the Airport runway construction going on we're also going to be starting on the Highway 53 project.


I have seen the completed project photo ideas on what we can expect by 2023-2024 and once everything is greened up and and the finals are all done and it's going to be an entirely different experience driving into International Falls on Highway 53.


I'll put you on the spot here just a little bit real quickly 4th of July commission did they come up with the theme.



Thank you to Mayor Bob Anderson for coming in with the Airport Update.