City Council Organizational Meeting and Searing in.


  1. Administer Oath of Office to election winners Leon Ditsch, East Ward Councilor, Joseph Krause, Center Ward Councilor, and Walt Buller, West Ward Councilor — City Administrator Anderson
  2. Mayor Bob Anderson's presentation of Certificates of Election to Councilors Ditsch, Krause, and Buller
  3. Selection of Council President Pro-tem (Council action-motion)
  4. Mayoral appointment of members to internal and external committees for City Council confirmation (Council action-motion)
  5. Appointments (Council action-motion)
    • City Attorney (Charter, Chapter X, Section 1 11)
    • Health Officer (Charter, Chapter Il, Section 7 and Chapter XII, Section 118; Code of

Ordinances, Chapter 2, Section 2-31)

(Charter, Chapter XII, Section 118 and Code of Ordinances, Chapter 2, Section 2-31)

  1. Approval of payroll dates — biweekly on Tuesday, commencing 1/2/2019 (Council action-motion)
  2. Resolution         -19 Designation of Depositors (Council action-motion)
  3. Designation of official newspaper for required publications — The Journal (Council action-motion)



Swearing In

Organizational Business1

Organizational Business 2