Community Affairs "Interview with 8th Congressional Candidate Michelle Lee.

For more than three decades the people of Minnesota's 8th Congressional District trusted their
stories to award winning journalist Michelle Lee. She is still listening as the progressive
Democratic candidate for Congress.
Along with listening, Michelle is sharing the stories of the people from across the vast 8th
Congressional District every chance she gets. In community after community, Michelle hears
stories like:
• The senior citizen in Pine County who told her he had to mortgage his home to pay for
his dental work.
• A retired nurse, two years shy of Medicare eligibility who put off going to the emergency
room with chest pain fearing the possible co-pay of $6,000.
• Students forced to drive into town at night to access Wi-Fi in school parking lots to
upload homework.
• The family dairy farmer working with a razor thin profit margin facing a dramatic jump in
the cost to transport milk.
We no longer can afford to ignore the voices of the 8th Congressional District. Michelle won’t!

Community Affairs Interview with Michelle Lee