City Council Meeting Dec 4th

The city of International Falls held its regular city council meeting at 4:30 p.m. yesterday December 4th at the council chambers 600 4th Street. First on new business item number one, approve use of Kerry Park arena and request assistance from police department and request fire department to do fireworks for the arrowhead 135 race on Monday January 29th 2018 .

Approve the use of Pat roach landing and Ervin a Anderson Amphitheater on Saturday June 30th 2018 for the 7th annual border Waters Dragon Boat Festival and tug of war .

Number 3 on agenda new business was to approve the use of Smokey Bear park for a winter camping event for Boy Scout Troop 150 on January 20th 2018 .

Item 4 for on new business was approve donation from Boise white paper of two foaming units and Associated foam chemicals for use by International Falls fire department. That action was approved .

Item number 5 to declare 40 paver bricks as Surplus property and approve donating them to the Little Fork 2nd grade class Christmas project that item passed with all approved .

Item 7 new business consider conceptual design recommendations from the trunk Highway 53 visual quality advisory committee here is more on that .

Item 8 approve appointment of Michael Bounds and Tyler Richards to the police department part-time roster from list of eligible employees effective immediately that item passed all approved .

If you would like to hear the City Council Meeting in its entirety, please go to rjbraodcasting.com look for City Council Meeting.

Next City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 18, 2017 at 4:30 in the Council Chambers, 600 4th St.